We Are the City Spotlight: SF LGBT Center

  • Financial Services and Employment Services teams transitioned workshops, programs such as Job Club, and one-on-one client meetings remotely.
  • Community Programs created a hybrid (virtual and in-person) Information & Referral Services structure so folks had access to resources they needed to survive. The team also continued to provide free computer access through our Cyber Center.
  • Youth Services shifted all mental health clients remotely. The Drop-In Services team pivoted to a hybrid model, effectively ensuring that young people living on the streets or in unstable housing had access to food, hygiene supplies, shelter, and mental health services.
  • Our Facilities team successfully altered the Center building processes to accommodate social distancing guidelines for our clients and tenants.

This year the SF LGBT Center will celebrate its 20th anniversary of service! Congratulations! What do you believe has contributed the most to the organization’s success, and what do you predict for the SF LGBT Center’s future?

For 20 years, the SF LGBT Center has served as a haven for the full spectrum of San Francisco’s LGBTQ community. It’s a bright purple beacon where LGBTQ people can dream of a better future and actively build pathways toward it. Against the backdrop of rising discrimination and barriers toward community advancement, our steady strategic leadership has kept us on the course towards achieving our vision of a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for LGBTQ people and our allies.

The SF LGBT Center was the Fireside Chat guest at DCYF’s March All Staff meeting, and we had a wonderful discussion with Executive Director Rebecca Rolfe and her team. Check out a video of the Fireside Chat here.



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