Spotlight on the Geneva Car Barn & Powerhouse Community Hub

Kevin Rojas, Mission YMCA

The Mission Y team’s morning regimen consists of sanitizing shared spaces between students and staff such as the faucet area, students’ desks, as well as the bathrooms and door handles. Students typically then begin to pour into program around 8:40am, and it is then where we conduct our daily health screenings/wellness checks. Most of our students begin classes at 9am with the exception of a few Kindergarteners that begin a half hour later. Once everyone gets the ball rolling in the mornings, eventually lunch time comes around. Some kids even enjoy snacking during their small breaks in Zoom, which we like to encourage because we noticed that it helps them stay fueled and attentive to their teachers. During this time, we assist most of our kids with their Seesaw assignments or schoolwork.

Supervisor Myrna Melgar visits Geneva Car Barn & Powerhouse

Kevin, as we struggle and grind through the pandemic, what song motivates you to continue to serve our communities?

11/9/20 open date; 4 staff; 24 youth enrolled; 1,996 meals served
The Mission Y and Jamestown teams

Emily Madriz, Jamestown Community Center

The Jamestown team unofficially begins our shift at 12:30 to prepare ourselves by communicating with the Mission Y team about any positive comments or concerns noted about any of the students, families, or teachers. We then begin to check in with students that need encouragement to commit to a better day. At 1, we take everyone’s temperature and give an opportunity for students to go one by one to the restroom. From about 1:10 to 1:40, each cohort begins with a check in where rules and expectations are gone over daily, an intention or theme is set for the week, followed by a game or question relating to the theme. By 2:30, we offer snacks and a small stretch break. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays we have art teachers from the Youth Art Exchange come in for 2 hours of hands-on projects ranging from basic art skills to architecture. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have our Jamestown teachers hold enrichment classes focused on a monthly theme/weekly sub theme that incorporates physical, social justice, and social emotional learning. We give students intentional free time (choices between homework, an educational show or video, or group bonding conversations) for the last hour before they get picked up. Before being released to their guardians, students are temperature checked and asked about their favorite part of the day.

Emily, as we struggle and grind through the pandemic, what song motivates you to continue to serve our communities?

“Where do the Children Play?” — Yusuf/Cat Stevens



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