By Misha Olivas

Misha is the Director of Community & Family Engagement at United Playaz. UP operated a Community Hub at their South of Market clubhouse as well as a joint hub with West Bay Pilipino Multi Service Center at Gene Friend SOMA Rec Center.

By Olive Pelesauma

My name is Olive Pelesauma, but most people call me Tive. My current role at SCDC is a program lead for Ala Mai (Arise), an academic support program for Pacific Islander youth. However, since COVID and the opening of SCDC Community Hubs, I am currently one of the two Pod instructors for our Middle School hub. …

By Stephan Koochou

My name is Stephan Koochou and I am a Program Manager at Wah Mei School, currently managing the Sunset Library Community Hub. My role consists of many things but primarily focuses on supporting staff to ensure they have all the tools they need to run a successful classroom. My goal is to make sure each participant in our program is receiving the highest quality care and an overall great experience throughout their time here.

In “regular” times, I am the Program Manager for Wah Mei’s before and after school program at Alice Fong Yu Alternative School. We…

By the Buchanan Team

My name is Gabbie Torres, the site coordinator for the Buchanan YMCA’s Beacon program at Dr. William Cobb Elementary School. Alongside our Senior Director LaSaundra Owens and John Muir Beacon site coordinator Ayah Mouhktar, I’ve transitioned to now manage site operations at our Hubs and within our virtual programming. We work to ensure there is an equity of resources and opportunities for the families we serve. By operating within the community school framework, we provide holistic wrap around services for the entire school-based community.

By Adria de Stefano

My name is Adria de Stefano, and I am one of the Program Coordinators for Sharks Until Dark, the expanded learning program at Sherman Elementary School, with Bay Area Community Resources. In my role I help design and implement expanded learning programs for our school community, including the Hub at Golden Gate Valley Branch Library, Outdoor Education, and virtual learning opportunities. I help manage our team of 16 wonderful after school teachers, and meaningfully partner with our Sherman school administration on a day to day basis.

By Kevin Rojas & Emily Madriz

The historic Geneva Car Barn & Powerhouse at Balboa Park was recently renovated by the SF Recreation & Parks Department as a youth arts center. As part of the Community Hub Initiative, the newly refurbished landmark has become home to a Community Hub run jointly by the Mission YMCA and Jamestown Community Center, with the Y starting the day and Jamestown taking over in the afternoon. Site coordinators Kevin Rojas of Mission YMCA and Emily Madriz of Jamestown take us through a day at the Geneva Car Barn & Powerhouse Community Hub:

By Maribel Rodriguez

Hello there. I am Maribel Rodriguez and I work for the Community Youth Center (CYC) of SF. I am the Program Supervisor overseeing the Wellness Services and Family Engagement Programs for the CYC Aptos Beacon Center as well as the CYC Community Hub at the Ingleside Library. I divide my time between the three programs and serve as the point person for coordinating wellness services through the Beacon, coordinate parent workshops and special events, and provide leadership and guidance to program staff at the hub.

By Nicole Yarbrough & Alfredo Guardado

Our names are Nicole Yarbrough and Alfredo Guardado of the Bayview-Hunters Point YMCA’s Hunters View Community Hub. As the BVHP YMCA Activities Coordinator, Nicole works in Hunters View coordinating activities and services for the residents of the community. Alfredo is the Hunters View CHI Coordinator. He helps coordinate the efforts of the program, connecting with the academic teachers from the school and making sure they have individual education plans for each student for academic enrichments.

By Maria Su, Psy.D., Executive Director of the SF Department of Children, Youth and Their Families

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure? Measure a year?

I would not call myself a superstitious person, but the events that transpired on Friday, March 13, 2020 made me question whether there is substance to the widely held belief that ‘Friday the 13th’ is cursed. My staff and I were in our office — together for what would turn out to be the last time in over a year — taking calls from the Mayor’s Office and the…

SF Department of Children, Youth & Their Families

Making San Francisco a great place to grow up, DCYF has led the City's investments in children, youth, TAY and their families since 1991.

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