By Kevin Rojas & Emily Madriz

The historic Geneva Car Barn & Powerhouse at Balboa Park was recently renovated by the SF Recreation & Parks Department as a youth arts center. As part of the Community Hub Initiative, the newly refurbished landmark has become home to a Community Hub run jointly by the Mission YMCA and Jamestown Community Center, with the Y starting the day and Jamestown taking over in the afternoon. Site coordinators Kevin Rojas of Mission YMCA and Emily Madriz of Jamestown take us through a day at the Geneva Car Barn & Powerhouse Community Hub:

By Maribel Rodriguez

Hello there. I am Maribel Rodriguez and I work for the Community Youth Center (CYC) of SF. I am the Program Supervisor overseeing the Wellness Services and Family Engagement Programs for the CYC Aptos Beacon Center as well as the CYC Community Hub at the Ingleside Library. I divide my time between the three programs and serve as the point person for coordinating wellness services through the Beacon, coordinate parent workshops and special events, and provide leadership and guidance to program staff at the hub.

By Nicole Yarbrough & Alfredo Guardado

Our names are Nicole Yarbrough and Alfredo Guardado of the Bayview-Hunters Point YMCA’s Hunters View Community Hub. As the BVHP YMCA Activities Coordinator, Nicole works in Hunters View coordinating activities and services for the residents of the community. Alfredo is the Hunters View CHI Coordinator. He helps coordinate the efforts of the program, connecting with the academic teachers from the school and making sure they have individual education plans for each student for academic enrichments.

By Maria Su, Psy.D., Executive Director of the SF Department of Children, Youth and Their Families

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure? Measure a year?

I would not call myself a superstitious person, but the events that transpired on Friday, March 13, 2020 made me question whether there is substance to the widely held belief that ‘Friday the 13th’ is cursed. My staff and I were in our office — together for what would turn out to be the last time in over a year — taking calls from the Mayor’s Office and the…

By Lorraine Orlandi & Christian Martinez

Our names are Lorraine Orlandi and Christian Martinez. Lorraine is the Beacon director for Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center. She oversees all Beacon programs, including the hub at the North Beach library and our virtual programming at Francisco Middle School. Chris is the Beacon’s newcomer specialist and now the manager of the hub team at the North Beach library. He manages the daily operation at the hub and leads the team of three other staff members there.

By Argishti Petrosyan

My name is Argishti Petrosyan, Community Hub Program Manager for Richmond Neighborhood Center at the Richmond Branch Library. Prior to this role, I was supporting an OST Program at McCoppin Elementary school. Our leadership team also includes my peer Lee Hungle (Program Manager for Lafayette Elementary School) and Rosa Galera (Coordinator at Roosevelt).

The responsibilities of the leadership is to coordinate with partners, schools and faculty, and families to ensure that our staff have all of the time and resources necessary to provide intentional programming for our students.

By Michael Lee & Josh Feierstein

Our names are Michael Lee, Program Manager at TEL HI, and Josh Feierstein, Director of Programs for TEL HI. We work to oversee our Community Hub for elementary school aged students (K-5) at Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center.

Some of the highlights of the CHI we’ve experienced so far include being able to see and interact with the students in-person where we are able to produce our best work impacting the community. Being able to see the youth grow and have fun with one another has been a blessing this past year, especially considering how…

By Emily Vasquez

Community Hub Initiative: Spotlight on Eureka Valley Recreation Center (SF Recreation & Parks)
Community Hub Initiative: Spotlight on Eureka Valley Recreation Center (SF Recreation & Parks)

My name is Emily Vasquez, Recreation Coordinator for Therapeutic Recreation Services at San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department (SFRPD). As a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), our practice is to improve the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of individuals with illnesses and/or disabilities utilizing recreation and other activity based interventions. I work alongside a dedicated team consisting of two other CTRSs, Jennifer Wong and Jessica Huey, Recreation Leaders, and team members from other divisions within SFRPD. Currently in this pandemic, I have taken on an additional role as the Program Lead at the Eureka Valley Inclusive Community…

By Michael Vuong

I’m Michael Vuong, the Clubhouse Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, Tenderloin Clubhouse and I oversee the day to day operations of our Community Hub along with leading our Clubhouse’s connection to the community. I bridge these two large parts of my work through opportunities that benefit everyone involved, especially for our families and staff. This can look a myriad of ways, but what doesn’t change is that my work, actions and words always come from a safety and Youth First perspective. …

At the beginning of the Shelter in Place Order in San Francisco, the SF Department of Children, Youth, and their Families, City College of San Francisco, and two nonprofit agencies came together to immediately address food security needs of low-income City College students. Since that time, multiple partnerships have been put in place in order to provide free meals, groceries, and other food- related assistance. Please visit the Free Meals and Food Assistance page on the DCYF website to learn more about these efforts.

Angelica Nevarez started out the year with a lot of hope. After losing her job in…

SF Department of Children, Youth & Their Families

Making San Francisco a great place to grow up, DCYF has led the City's investments in children, youth, TAY and their families since 1991.

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